Designed by professional lifeguards, made for water enthusiasts.

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Pro Guarding Water Safety was established in 2012 filling a niche in an industry which was fast becoming more and more dangerous every year. Having commanded water safety for major films, Red Bull events – including arguably the worlds heaviest and most dangerous surfing competition, The Red Bull Cape Fear event – the team realised their equipment they used had to keep in line with the level of service they were providing. And so our exclusive line of jet ski rescue sleds, jet ski acessories and water safety equipment was born. Designed with hard core water men and women in mind, and for professional or recreational use alike, our equipment is held to a standard that caters to all aspects and requirements in the water.

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Created by leaders in water safety.

Aaron and Kobi Graham epitomise the moniker as true water men. With 30 years between them working and surfing in Bondi, one of the most dangerous and busiest beaches in the world, it was a natural step to progress their careers in water safety. After starting Pro Guarding, their first job as water safety was for major motion 3D film, Storm Surfers. Since 2012 they have worked with some of the biggest names in film and TV along with professional surfers and athletes.

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